One of the major advantages for users of OpenEd CUNY is that resources are categorized and indexed. This allows faculty and others to search and discover open educational resources in a way that helps them find relevant materials.

If your organization is interested in importing large sets of resources, the curation team can help to index resources with keywords and metadata. Contact us and our team will share our site metadata schema and documentation with you. We will then review your content, and assist in mapping your metadata formats to OpenEd CUNY's so that your content is searchable on our site.

Step 1: Complete the Template

In order to be published, each of your resources will need to be listed and described in the metadata template. Describing your resource helps others find it in on the site.

To begin, open the import template. In the first sheet, you will find a spreadsheet with (1) field names, (2) field descriptions, and (3) sample content. The field names represent all the metadata fields that can be used to describe your resources. The field descriptions explain what we mean by each field name, and the sample content provides a sample from a real resource. 

The metadata fields fall into one of two categories: Required (highlighted in yellow) and Suggested (Highlighted in blue). 

Step 2: Review and Submit the Template

Once your template is complete, you can notify your contact at OpenEd CUNY. Our team will review your template, confirm copyright licensing, and reconcile any data you have provided that overlaps with our existing records. Then our team will import and publish your resources. 

Once published, your resource will appear on OpenEd CUNY and will be added to the group(s) and collection(s) you may have discussed with the team.