As a group administrator, you can update your group profile and settings with Manage Group.


Select your group

  1. Log in to OpenEd CUNY.

  2. Select your name at the top of the page and choose My Groups from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select the group you want to manage.

  2. Select Manage Group.

Profile Information

In the Profile Information section, you can change these group settings: 

  1. Group Name

  2. Group Type

  3. Subjects

  4. Grade: select more grades, or select the X to remove grades

  5. Group Description

  6. Profile Image: Select Change Group Cover to upload an image from your computer for your group or replace a current image with a new image. A square image works best.

  7. Select Save Changes

  8. To invite a new Group Administrator to share the group management with you, enter the email address or names (must be registered users of the site) and then select Add Admin. Your new admin will be notified by email. (Review the Remove Group Admin article for more details about stepping down as a Group Administrator and passing the torch to a new administrator.)

Membership Control

In the Membership Control section, you can update:

  1. General Settings: Anyone can join or new group members need approval

  2. Resources require approval: Checking this box means that a Group Administrator must approve each new resource that a group member wishes to add to the group. 

  3. Notification Preferences: Check the box for Notify me when someone joins this group if desired.

  4. Select Save Changes

  5. Invite new members to the group. Enter the email addresses of people that you want to add to the group. Use a comma to separate multiple email addresses. Group administrators can invite up to 25 people a day. If the person is not a registered member of the site, she will be prompted to create an account. Select Send Invitation.


Duplicate Group

Select Duplicate Group to create a new group by copying an existing group. Enter the new Group Name and update the Subjects, Grade, and Group Description as desired. Check the boxes for Duplicate Folders and Duplicate Members if desired. Duplicate folders also duplicates the Group Resources. When you are finished, select Duplicate Group. 

Delete Group

Select Delete Group if you are ready to delete your group.