Access Mode
Content contains images, video or graphics. Learner must be able to see to use this content.
Access Mode
Content contains audio (e.g. videos, podcasts).  Learner must be able to hear to use this content.
Access Mode
Content contains text.  Learner must perceive text to use this content.
Audio Description
Access Mode
All visual content (images, videos, graphics) has a text equivalence that can be read by a screen reader.

Accessibility Features
All audio and videos files are captioned.
Verbatim CaptionsAccessibility Features
Video captions that include all dialogue along with stutters, false starts, and sounds.
Long Description
Accessibility Features
All complex images include long descriptions when alternative text is not sufficient.

Accessibility Features
Transcripts provide a textual version of web audio or video. Transcripts do not have to be verbatim accounts of the spoken word in a video. They should contain additional descriptions, explanations, or comments that may be beneficial, such as indications of laughter or an explosion.